OBD/OBD2 to Micro USB Power Cable for Dash Camera

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  • The OBD to Micro USB Power Cable for Dash Camera step-down charging cable connects to the OBD/OBD2 port and connects to the Micro USB device at the other end. It provides 24-hour parking monitoring power to the Micro USB device and steadily steps down the voltage from DC12-40V to 5V/3A stable output.
  • Power off + 24 hours monitoring. This OBD power cable allows One cable to achieve two functions: Function one: "O" ACC mode - when the car ignition, the power cable began to output power; car off 5 minutes later, the power cable will automatically stop power supply, shut down the output. Function two: "-" normal power supply mode - 24-hour uninterrupted power supply through the power cord.
  • This universal OBD/OBD2 power cable contains a smart chip, when the "-" monitoring mode, lasting a long time, the battery is below 11.6V safety voltage, start low-voltage protection will automatically cut off the power, to avoid the battery power loss can not start.
  • Plug and play, do not destroy the original car circuit. Easy to install, you can DIY it yourself easily. (Only get power from ODB interface, no interference with other ODB data communication.)
  • Input port: for all vehicles with OBD port (cars, trucks, boats, ferries, etc.). Output port: designed for car recorder GPS navigator, cell phone charging, DVR, radar detector and more micro usb port devices.
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