Versatile OBD-II Extension Cable for Cars and Trucks - Durable 16-Pin Male to Female Connector

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0.3M 0.5M 1.5M 3M 5M 10M 15M Car truck OBD extension cable male to female 16 core powered 16PIN OBD2 diagnostic tool cable
Extend the reach of your diagnostic tools with our Versatile OBD-II Extension Cable, perfect for cars and trucks. This durable 16-pin male to female cable is available in multiple lengths to suit any need, ensuring reliable connectivity and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.
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    OBD male to female 16 core cable -0.3M
    OBD male to female 16 core cable -0.5M
    OBD male to female 16 core cable -1.5M
    OBD male to female 16 core cable -3M
    OBD male to female 16 core cable -5M
    OBD male to female 16 core cable -10 M
    OBD male to female
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Explore Our OBD-II Extension Cable

Perfect for automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this high-quality OBD-II extension cable offers superior connectivity and extended reach for vehicle diagnostics.

Durable Construction

Constructed with a robust 16-core wire, our cables are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of automotive testing and diagnostics. Available in lengths from 0.3m to 15m, choose the perfect cable for your setup without sacrificing quality or performance.

Compatibility and Flexibility

Our cables are compatible with all standard OBD-II diagnostic tools, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles including cars and trucks. The flexible design ensures easy connection in tight spaces, enhancing the usability of your diagnostic equipment.

Enhanced Diagnostic Experience

By extending your diagnostic tools' reach, you can work more efficiently and comfortably, whether you're in a workshop or a home garage. Our extension cables provide a secure connection, minimizing data loss and ensuring accurate vehicle diagnostics.

Easy to Use

Simply connect the male end of the extension cable to your diagnostic tool, and plug the female end into the vehicle's OBD-II port. It's that easy to enhance your diagnostic capabilities with added flexibility and reach.0.3M 0.5M 1.5M 3M 5M 10M 15M Car truck OBD extension cable male to female 16 core powered 16PIN OBD2 diagnostic tool cable

Wire material: PVC environmentally friendly material

Interface: Standard OBD2 interface

Core: 16 pins and 16 cores

Product length: 0.3M, 0.5M, 1.5M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M

Packaging: Independent bag packaging

Supported models: General Motors

Processing customization: supports processing customization 
Our Service Advantages

Packaging and Delivery
MITOB CABLE ensures that all items are securely packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Delivery options vary depending on the destination, with both standard and expedited shipping available to accommodate client needs. Special arrangements can be made for bulk orders to ensure products arrive safely and promptly.

Supply Ability
The company boasts a robust production capability with its extensive manufacturing facility. This enables them to handle large orders efficiently, ensuring they can meet both regular demand and additional requests as needed. Details on specific capacities per product can be provided on request to meet customer planning needs.

Lead Time
Typical lead times can vary depending on the order size and specifics of the items ordered. MITOB CABLE works to optimize its manufacturing processes to reduce these times as much as possible. For standard products, customers can expect quicker dispatch times, while custom orders may require additional time to ensure specifications are met accurately.

About US

MITOB CABLE established in 2009, is a seasoned manufacturer specializing in automotive cables, with a strong focus on OBD2 and J1939 ELD cables. Operating out of a 3000 square meter facility in Shenzhen, China, we employ over 90 people, including five senior engineers. We pride ourselves on rigorous quality controls and extensive experience in cable production, offering a broad range of products for various automotive applications. As a company, we emphasize customer satisfaction, offering free sample cables and custom solutions tailored to client needs. 
For more detailed information, you can visit our About Us page.


Who are we?
We are MITOB CABLE, established in 2009 as a professional manufacturer of automotive cables like OBD2 and J1939 ELD cables, based in Shenzhen, China.

How can we guarantee quality?
We employ advanced production processes and rigorous quality controls, testing every cable twice—before and after production—to ensure top quality.

What can you buy from us?
We offer a wide range of automotive cables and connectors, suitable for various applications including diagnostic tools, GPS trackers, and truck ELD devices.

Why should you buy from us and not from other suppliers?
With over a decade of experience, we provide high-quality, extensively tested products and are committed to customization and excellent customer service.

What services can we provide?
Our services include the design and customization of cables and connectors to meet specific needs, along with providing free sample cables for testing before purchase.

For more detailed information, you can visit our FAQ page.

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